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Why is this here?

This is an outlet of the person whoever is posting on this site. I might or might not be meant to be read by anyone, however if you're here already, you are very welcome.


Some Advice & TypeScript Tricks - Things that I learned writing a huge nestjs app

Written: 7/12/2022, Tags: Tutorials

Year 2022 so Far - 1st Quarter is an Absolute banger of a start. Until something came along

Written: 3/29/2022, Tags: Personal Improvement, Professional Stuff

Year 2021 - The wasted year

Written: 11/3/2021, Tags: Personal Improvement

On Trying to Become A Youtuber - Filling a void

Written: 9/20/2021, Tags: Self Improvement, Plans

Immortalized Deeds - NFT collection as a token of appreciation!

Written: 4/25/2021, Tags: NFT, Plans

Why is this blog made using gatsby? - No reason at all!

Written: 4/23/2021, Tags: Web Development, Opinion

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