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Immortalized Deeds

What is Immortalized Deeds and why does it look so bad?

This is a collection of NFTs that I make whenever someone did something that I appreciate that I do something back in return by either giving them something of monetary value or in deed. I will create the NFTs when something notable has been done to me, or when I was able to witness it and I would like to remember it and appreciate it. Immortalized deeds shall become a contract between me and whoever holds the NFT or as a token of appreciation from me.

I am not an artist. The first NFT I have created is created without that much of a thought, I should have just uploaded a text file. But to me it matters a little, as long as its there. I will try to improve the graphic of the NFT as I improve my art skills

This page on my website shall be dedicated to each one of them, I will do my best to update this page and to update whatever happened to those NFTs.

Is there a rule about the NFTs

  1. I personally will never sell the NFTs.
  2. I will try to transfer the NFT to the person who did the deed.
  3. If they rejected the idea I will keep the NFT, They can redeem the NFT anytime, If there is a promise written to it, I will still fulfill them at the date I promised, its a promise after all.
  4. If they redeem the NFT, they can do whatever they want with the NFT, but they can also return it to me for the promise I have put there. I will give back the NFT again and edit the NFT that the promise has been fulfilled.
  5. If the NFT has a specific fulfillment date and the person decided not to return it to me. The fulfillment of the promise shall be talked about in person.
  6. Whatever happen to the promise, the NFT's description will be modified to reflect it if I still can, otherwise it will be reflected on this page.
  7. I will take a 1% commission on the NFT when the holder decides to sell it. This will change in the future but it will never be more than 1%

Deeds Story

NameTokenPage Link
"A tip of try to use less because on my writing because I use too many because."LinkBeing written


The project is dead. For now...