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On Trying to Become A Youtuber


I want to become a youtuber to fill the missing void of good Filipino programmer/developer youtubers and bad crypto gurus that promotes ponzis and scams.


Ok, so why in the first place? Well after all the crap I've seen my fellow countrymen do I feel like I can do a much better job than most of them. Maybe not at explaining things but much better when it comes to the substance of the content I will make (and maybe explaining things to them).

There is a reason why no there is no famous Filipino youtuber. They all kinda sucked and if there is one that did not suck, please do tell me! I believe I haven't seen a single one of them make a joke, not that I watch any of them. I mean if there is one, I would have known by now! Why do I got to know first Ben Awad and Techlead (Now let's not get into other issues here)

And while I was writing this post, I've also asked my friends who is a good filipino developer / youtuber and there is none. I feel like there is an opportunity here.

Not only from being a developer / youtuber, most of the crypto experts on the Philippines sucks as well. I believe I'm the only one who is doing research deep dive research on these one. Maybe I can make a crypto content about IDOs. Nobody made a content about GoldFinch finance yet even though I think its one of the good projects in the cryptospace there is.

Should I? Or Will I?


But what happens when you put a very awkward guy in front of a camera. He'll be more awkward and he'll say a lot of uuuuuhhhh and ummmm. Which totally sucks (When I'm talking about myself). But when I watch PewDiePie's first videos, MrBeast first videos, and Atty Libayan's first videos, it always start very awkward. Maybe I should make my youtube debut and make one video a month about something. Maybe I should start with my crypto research and not plan too much ahead. I believe I should at least try, yeah?